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Math Seek and Solve

Math Seek and Solve





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Reinforce math skills while having fun! Students will seek and solve their way through 20 mini-lessons that include practice in sequencing, addition, subtraction, place value, telling time, money, graphing, simple multiplication, division and fractions. Adorable artwork highlights the fun, and students will love the excitement of every seek-and-solve puzzle.
Janet Armbrust
ISBN: 9781573105583
Code: TLC10558
Grade Level: 1-4
Pages: 48
Product Type: Reproducible Books
Subject: Math
Brand: Teaching and Learning Co
Page NumberTitleAuthors
4Counting: Classroom Counting 
6Directions: Over in the Meadow 
8Sequencing: What Comes Next? 
10Sequencing: Sequencing Safari 
12Measurement: Inching Along 
14Telling Time: Watch the Time! 
16Money: Money for Honey 
18Addition: Alien Addition 
20Addition and Subtraction: Mirror Math 
22Subtraction: Subtracting Snakes 
24Subtraction and Place Value: Seek in the Snow 
26Place Value: Go Fish 
28Grids: Under the Sea 
30Graphs: Puppies in the Pet Store 
32Multiplication: Seashells by the Seashore 
34Problem Solving Using Multiplication: Colors and Cats 
36Division: Divide Your Wings and Fly 
38Fractions: Funny, Fantastic Fractions 
40Review: The Pond 
42Review: Snowman Fun! 
44Answer Key 
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