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Math Workbook - Grade 2

Math Workbook - Grade 2





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This workbook provides practice in second grade mathematics skills. Emphasis is placed on addition and subtraction facts through eighteen. Practice is also provided in solving word problems and in renaming in more complex addition and subtraction. The material correlates with the curriculum in most basic mathematics texts. The pages are presented in a suggested order, but may be used in any order which best meets a child's needs. Parents who wish their children to have practice in mathematics skills will find the book as helpful as classroom teachers will find it. The exercises are presented so that a child can work with a minimum of supervision. Answers are included in a four-page leaflet in the middle of the book. This leaflet can be easily removed. A glossary is available for reference on the inside back cover.
Ruth Herlihy
ISBN: 9780787700638
Code: MP4062
Grade Level: 2
Pages: 48
Product Type: Reproducible Books
Subject: Math
Brand: Milliken Publishing
Page NumberTitleAuthors
1Addition (sums of 1 through 9) 
2Addition (sums of 10, 11, and 12) 
3Addition (sums of 13, 14, and 15) 
4Addition (sums of 1 through 10) 
5Addition (sums of 11 through 15) 
6Addition (sums of 16, 17, and 18) 
8Addition (sums of 10 through 18) 
9Addition Facts Review 
11Addition Word Problems 
14Subtraction (minuends of 1 through 9) 
15Subtraction (minuends 10, 11, and 12) 
16Subtraction (minuends of 13, 14, and 15) 
17Subtraction (minuends of 1 through 10) 
18Subtraction (minuends of 11 through 15) 
19Subtraction (minuends of 16, 17, and 18) 
21Subtraction (minuends of 10 through 18) 
22Subtraction Facts Review 
24Subtraction Word Problems 
26Addition and Subtraction 
27Addition (one- and two-digit addends) 
30Addition (three-digit addends) 
31Subtraction (two-digit minuends) 
33Subtraction Word Problems (two-digit numbers) 
34Subtraction (three-digit minuends) 
35Addtion (one- and two-digit addends, renaming) 
36Addition (three addends) 
37Addtion (two-digit addends, renaming) 
38Subtraction (two-digit minuends, renaming) 
40Subtraction (two-digit numbers, renaming) 
42Addition and Subtraction Review 
44Addition and Subtraction (renaming) 
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